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Friday, April 17, 2020

Treatment Procedure of Invisalign: Expectations from Start to Finish

You might have gone through a number of blogs regarding Invisalign. Most of them are regarding its benefits, the dental issues it fix and its differences from traditional braces. But have you ever read any post about the detailed expectations of the treatment from the very beginning to the very end?
But this blog entails all such crucial pieces of information. It will let you know about the treatment procedure, its first consultation, day and night experiences with Invisalign and much more. So, what are you waiting for! Continue reading to know them.


Invisalign sounds much prettier but you should always research about it extensively online. Dig much more pieces of information about it from online by reading blogs, articles, case studies and much more. Even if you know someone who has this procedure, you can seek help from the person as well.
There are many insurance providers who cover the Invisalign for teenagers too. Hence, you must contact with your insurance provider if you are going to perform this treatment for your kids.

Select the proper dentist

As Invisalign is an integral decision that will impact on your finances and quality of life it is crucial to select a specialist and experienced dentist. You are recommended to choose a dentist by considering other factors as well like comfort level, price and location.

Even for this if you have to visit a number of dentists, don’t hesitate to do so. In case you have a family dentist who is not specialised in Invisalign treatment, you can seek some quality referrals to perform this teeth straightening treatment.


You can look for whether your selected dental clinic offers free smile assessment facility or not. It’s always better to perform this test prior to your consultation appointment. Consultation appointment is essential for determining whether your dental condition is suitable for Invisalign treatment or not. Though it is excellent to treat crowded teeth, overbites, underbites and gaps yet it is not effective in every case as well.

There are still some more complicated cases which need traditional braces or any other alternative treatments. During the appointment make sure that you have asked about it merits, demerits and prices before deciding to go with the treatment.
Accordingly, you can decide whether you will go with this dental clinic or look for elsewhere. Even affordable Invisalign braces are offered by some clinics, you can contact there too to undergo the treatment.

Proceed with the treatment

After inclining towards Invisalign, you dentist will come up with the proposed treatment plan for you. It will commence by taking photographs, moulded impressions, digital X-rays for creating the digital treatment road-map to be followed. By using the Invisalign’s software, you will be shown the ways it will correct the crooked, protruded and misaligned teeth over time.

At last, you can get to see how your teeth and appearance will be after weeks, months and after complete of the treatment.It is really tough to decide the predicted time period of the Invisalign as it entirely depends on the plan and severity of the dental condition of the patients. 

Your very first aligners

Invisalign functions with the help of the fabricated custom-made plastic aligners which can be replaced by a new set once in every 2 weeks. It will not irritate the cheeks as it can be removed during following daily oral care routine and having meals. With your aligners, ask the orthodontist to provide special fasteners too.

These help in developing temporary bonds with clipping features to the aligners. Relax; widely these fasteners are invisible too at the same time and come off naturally once the treatment period gets over. Remember, each set of Invisalign aligner is meticulously designed to shift the teeth to some extent within the specific time period of 2 weeks.

Hence, during the first couple of days with every new set you may feel slight uncomfortable. But if it fits to the recent teeth position then, it clearly indicates that the Invisalign is functioning in the most apt way. 

Day-to-day treatment progress

If you want the best desired outcome of the Invisalign, it must be put on for long 20-22 hours per day. During these long hours, it will work with unimaginable efficiency to straighten the teeth and offer you a superb smile! The time period clearly indicates that you have to spend all day and night with Invisalign except for a few hours.

This spare time is dedicated to brushing, flossing, eating and drinking! Similarly as traditional braces, with Invisalign too you may feel speaking difficulty during the first initial days. Furthermore, you have to visit the orthodontist too once in every 2 weeks to receive the new set of aligners.

During your visit, dentist will examine the progress of the treatment to modify the much-needed details accordingly. As you are provided with the removable orthodontic aligners, there is nothing to worry about drinking and eating. Even people don’t going to understand that you are under teeth straightening procedure.

Post Invisalign treatment

On completion of the Invisalign treatment, you may not observe the drastic change with your teeth and appearance.  But you can’t resist yourself from gazing to your own appearance while smiling. Moreover, afterwards there is no necessity of putting on the aligners and it will offer maximal relief to you at the same time. But obviously there is a great risk with most orthodontic treatments as well.
There is a high probability of reverting of the teeth to their misaligned position again over time. Consult with the orthodontist to obtain a retainer which will hold on the teeth to their own corrected position and maintain the perfect smile in the long run.  

Hope, these valuable insights of the Invisalign aligners clearly give the idea about the expectation from beginning to the end. Make an appointment with your nearest orthodontist to receive the Invisalign treatment in Londonand enjoy its benefits during teeth straightening procedure. 

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