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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Safe Home Cleaning Tips for a Louis Vuitton Bag

Luxury bag brands like Louis Vuitton are gorgeous. Yeah, you know how delicate they can be. And if you've got one, you need to learn how to keep it damage-free.
Louis Vuitton bags are designed with different materials. So, each bag requires a unique cleaning product and technique. Check out some top tips to make your LV bag durable and adorable.

Cleaning a Louis Vuitton Canvas bag
This legendary symbol of Louis Vuitton, the Monogram Canvas is soft and firm; just perfect for modern fashion. Sometimes people wonder if the LV canvas is designed with leather. No, it's a PVC coating, replicated in DamierEbene, Damier Graphite, DamierAzur, Monogram Eclipse Canvas, Multicolour.
While it makes no sense to clean soft leather with chemicals, you can do these:
·        Use baby wipes, micellar water, or slightly soapy water to clean LV canvas
·        Use a toothbrush or a soft-bristled brush with micellar water and soft soap to clean dirt off the uneven surface of the canvas. Care should be taken when cleaning DamierEbene and DamierAzur since the print can be wiped off easily.
·        Don't use cleaners, lotions, perfume and other home remedies on canvas
·        Avoid cleaning canvas especially DamierAzur with highly pigmented materials to lower the risk of colour transfer
Cleaning a Louis Vuitton Vachetta
This bag is made from organic cowhide leather with characteristic natural imperfections like veins or wrinkles, as it has no superficial coat.
·        Use an Apple Garde spray or any Nano product on your vachetta. It'll darken for sometime and dry out
·        Since cowhide is delicate, if it gets stained before patina, don't attempt to clean it. Let the leather darken naturally, and the stain will fade out
·        Clean with a lint-free, light-coloured absorbent cloth if the leather gets into contact with water
·        Don't use chemicals to clean
·        Even if your vachetta gets very dark, don't clean it with soap as it will remove the natural oil in the leather, making it to dry up and crack.
Should this process seem complex or maybe you don't have the time to clean your LV handbag, get dry cleaners near mefor a very good cleaning of LV bags.
Cleaning a Louis Vuitton Vernis bag
Vernis is designed with ultra-feminine leather resembling patent leather.
·        Don't expose your Vernis leather to sunlight to avoid colour fade. Light colour might also patina over time, resulting in a yellow hue
·        Don't let materials that easily transfer colours like magazine come close to your Vernis
Cleaning a Louis Vuitton Epi leather bag
Epi bags are rigid, blended with a natural stretch and structured quality. Since they need minimal care, they're popular bags that can always look new for years.
·        Wipe down the Epi with a damp cloth once or twice monthly
·        Store it correctly to avoid shape loss
Cleaning a Louis Vuitton Empreinte bag
Designed with supple embossed calfskin, this luxurious leather adds elegance and value to dressing. It needs little care.
·        Don't place your Empreinte on abrasive surfaces
·        Protect your bag from direct sunlight; put it in a closet
The singular thumbsdown with this leather bag is that the embossing will flatten out overtime if you wear it crossbody, and the LV will turn out to be dull and flat.
Cleaning Louis Vuitton exotic leather bags
The delicate and beautiful designs on these bags make them a top choice for good fashion.
·        Keep your handbag away from water or other liquids. If water gets to your bag, gently clean it off at once with a light-coloured, lint-free, absorbent cloth
·        Avoid exposing your bag to sunlight to maintain its sheen
·        Clean bags with beading, feathers, printing, or metallic leather with only a soft, light-coloured, lint-free cloth
Cleaning printed Louis Vuitton leather bags
Keep them away from colour transferring materials. It's better to buy a black colour bag to avoid the transfer of colour pigment. Should this bag wear, they do so at the frayed corners, but it can be removed.
Cleaning a Louis Vuitton speedy bag
·        Remove inks with a hairspray
·        Cleaning agents like Brasso or Wenol will restore the metal hardware
·        Remove stains with a damp cloth or baby wipes
·        Use saddle soap to remove the patina
Cleaning a Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag
This bag is designed with a Monogram canvas of organic cowhide trim. Clean them the same way you clean an LV canvas leather.
Cleaning the inside of an LV bag
·        Remove most dirt inside your LV bag by wiping down with unscented baby wipes
·        To remove an ugly ink, spray the tip of a cotton swab with any spray, with pulling movements of hands clean the stain with the wet cotton. Repeat if necessary. Use any stain remover if the hairspray doesn't work.
For smoke odour and other unpleasant odours:
·        Put coffee beans in a jar and place it inside your bag for a while
·        Keep your handbag in an airy place to get rid of the smell
·        Wash the bag lining and let it dry if all other methods are futile
Safe wash and drying of Louis Vuitton bags
·        Should water get to your handbag, gently wipe it with a towel, and use a hairdryer on low heat inside the bag; don't put on a radiator. Place a clean white washcloth or some paper towels inside to maintain its shape. After some days, your bag will regain its original beauty.
·        Should other liquids like milk or juice get to your bag, wet the bag completely so it wouldpatina uniformly. Repeat the above for drying.
·        Don't put your LV bag in a washing machine! Authentic Louis Vuitton bags are handmade and very delicate; something will come off the bag. This is important.
Caring for a new Louis Vuitton bag
You should protect your new Louis Vuitton bag from watermarks and don't allow it darken quickly.
·        Apply an Apple Garde spray for improved protection and dry it off using a dry cloth. The handbag may not be entirely resistant to water, but the leather will be less absorbed
Cleaning an old Louis Vuitton bag
·        Use a saddle soap if your leather bag is very dark. Get your hands wet with the saddle soap and wipe the dark place, taking care as the soap causes the bag to dry. You can moisten the leather with Mink oil.
·        Observe that immediately your LV leather bag is dark, you will not be able to lighten it again
·        Since Louis Vuitton combines brass and gold-tone metal hardware, a complete restoration will work with a paste Wenol, though the smell is pungent, it does a good job of cleaning the bag.
Don't like the look of your handbag, get its elements repaired at Louis Vuitton service.

Cost of repairing a Louis Vuitton bag
Can't clean your bag well enough, come over to the store and replace the most used parts.
Repairing a Louis Vuitton bag:
·        Small straps $150 per handle
·        Handle replacement $150 per strap
·        Large straps $250 per strap
·        Lining replacement $350+
·        Pocket replacement $200+
·        Piping replacement $250+
·        Hardware replacement $50+
·        Zip replacement $180
Storing a Louis Vuitton bag safely
It's important to know how to store your bag safely to maintain its attractiveness devoid of breaks or cracks.
·        Always keep your LV in their original cloth bags or a pillowcase. Don't store them in polythene bags as they have the potential to transfer colours especially on Canvas leather and Epi leather bags
·        To maintain your bag's shape, stuff it with soft materials like crushed stuffing papers
·        Give your bags fresh air every 6 months, even if you seldomly use them
·        Avoid storing your bags in a humid environment as it causes patina to develop quickly
These tips have been tried and tested on Louis Vuitton bags. The outcome has been incredible. But if you are scared of cleaning your bags yourself, you can get a dry cleaners next day serviceat Masters Dry Cleaners. We provide quality and safe cleaning of Louis Vuitton bags anytime. Call us on 020 7328 5621 today.

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